Yesterday Was Cast Removal Day


We could have done a better job of preparing Zoe for the aftermath of four weeks in a cast above her elbow.

In her typical optimistic fashion, she thought she would be waving her injured arm around as if nothing had happened after the white plaster was removed. (As you can see in the photos below, we had to reinforce the yeso with duct tape by the end because it was beginning to crumble around the hand and wear through at the elbow.)

The transition to a splint on her left limb resulted in her arm feeling much more exposed and uncomfortable than she anticipated. And her wrist still hurt like hell! (It apparently has a bone chip in it that will resolve with time, but will cause pain if she tries to move it.)

Zoe’s marching orders are to begin working on elbow mobility, and continue with that for the next two weeks. Then she is to start manipulating her wrist through various ranges of motion.

Of course, being an uber-healing kid, the difference between today and yesterday is pretty profound.

Now we just gotta get all of that dead skin sloughed off! (Ewww, gross.)


4 Responses to “Yesterday Was Cast Removal Day”

  1. Chris

    yeah, no more cast! did you save it as a souvenir?

  2. Michele

    That cast was disgusting…I sort of wanted to leave Zoe’s arm too, which wasn’t much better! The first thing we did when we came home was wash it (she loved it after 4 weeks of sensory deprivation). I used a body brush on her arm with some moisturizing soap and she was in heaven! Poor bean, her arm is dry, scaly and has a bit of a rash. She has been a trooper though, as usual. I love this picture of her because it’s such a Zoe look!

  3. meg

    oooh rah! foe zoe! cn only imagine how happy she is to have the cast off. tell her we are cheering for her! enjoy her new found freedom! as for you..michele…keep working on the recovery..i can’t even begin to imagine the pain you are in!!

    we are weeks out from our arrival…you will regret our arrival…we are loud and big….:-)

    see you soon!!

  4. Michele

    Thanks Meg. OMG, I can’t believe you’re coming so soon. Time is freaking flying. Our trip back home for winter break seemed so far away, and now I leave in about a week. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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