Random Act of TV Kindness


We love DaVe. He gave us our Daily Show back!!

You see, the evil folks at Comedy Central decided to cut off foreign access to the Daily Show — I ask you, what is your thinking American expat to do? (Besides freak out, of course.)

Being the crybaby that I am, after the plug was pulled, I wailed about the loss on Twitter. Thankfully, a fellow American living in Argentina heard my cries of distress and came to my rescue like a knight in shining armor…carrying a remote…for a Slingbox… . Okay, maybe that doesn’t make sense, so I shall explain further!

DaVe has a house in Vermont with a television that has a DVR. Connected to said digital recording device is a Slingbox, which allows you to access any of the shows on your DVR via the Internet.

So now, thanks to the fabulous and wonderful DaVe (really, there aren’t enough superlatives), I satisfy my Jon Stewart jones by flipping on Dave’s TV in Vermont from my laptop — I love it!

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