School’s Out For Winter


I guess the rumors were right.

It’s now official: Starting Monday, all schools will be closed for the remainder of July. That means BA schoolkids get an extra two weeks of winter vacation…though there’s talk of canceling the week-long spring break in September to make up some of the missed days.

English readers can check out the WSJ article, while Clarín provides more details for Spanish readers.

Photo by Flickr user The Artifex used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Responses to “School’s Out For Winter”

  1. Eve

    Hi Michele,
    This is scary about the flu…
    I have been enjoying your blog so much! We are getting ready to move to BsAs with 3 kids — 5, 8, and 10. We have an apartment in Palermo. How did you find a school? We are having trouble because it’s mid-year and many private schools seem full. We want the kids to be immersed in Spanish so we don’t really mind if it’s a public or private school. Which school did you choose? I have read your helpful blog on the subject but I would love to know more. Thanks!

  2. Michele

    Eve! Wow, how exciting. I will send you a separate email with school thoughts. Welcome to Argentina!

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