If Zoe and Zelda Wrote a Blog…


…this is what it would look like!!

The girls are generally very opposed to my sharing anything about them on the blog (so of course, I love to threaten to write about them, particularly when anything embarrassing happens in their lives). Their reticence to star in the blog does not stop them from making suggestions about possible topics though.

Today, Zoe opined that a post was the perfect forum to let everyone know about the game she calls the “addicting helicopter game.” (One of their favorite past times is finding new video games to play over the Web, and we are constantly astounded at how many new offerings they discover.)

Anyhow, Zoe somehow roped us all into playing this game tonight, each of us trying to supplant the other’s high score. Tom is currently the record holder, but I still have a few minutes left to play before going to bed…

UPDATE: Current high score in our house is 1214. Anyone score higher?

5 Responses to “If Zoe and Zelda Wrote a Blog…”

  1. Michele

    Tom showed the girls this blog entry this morning and they were very excited, particularly by Tom’s sexy screen shot (it’s nice to marry your sys admin).

  2. melissa s.

    holden would definitely add the Z’s blog to his bloglines…if he had one…and if they blogged. i’m staying far, far away from AHG.

  3. Michele

    *laugh* I’m going to have to tell Zoe, she bugs us about every 5 minutes to know if anyone has left a comment on “her post” or if anyone has clicked through to the link!! Her obsessive tendencies should make her a good blogger! PS You are smart to steer clear of this game, I have been able to take a break since I am the current family record holder. They’re hot on my heels though.

  4. Tom Roth

    Thanks a bunch. Like you say, addictive.


  5. Michele

    Tom Roth — Zoe is delighted to have lured another person into the hell that is the helicopter game!

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