As we were trotting around the ring yesterday, our fabulous instructor Natalia said we were going to be doing some jumping (which she so charmingly calls “shumping,” a term we have now adopted). We laughed and thought she was joking…gulp, only she wasn’t.

Now, to be clear, our jumps involved trotting over a little 1 and 1/2 foot fence, but still, we weren’t really mentally prepared to be doing any shumping and were a bit nervous prior to beginning the exercise. (We told her it was a good thing she didn’t let us know last week, or we would have worried about it for 7 days.)

So the Offermann/Reeves clan spent Tuesday afternoon practicing the transition from posting into taking a jumping position and guiding our horses and ponies over a wee little fence while trotting!

Pictured above, Tom is putting on Zoe’s polainas (“half chaps” or “short chaps”), each sporting their natty velvet helmet!

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