Another Nice Taxi Story!

Yesterday, Tom and I had to split up so that I could get Zoe to her overnight play date on time. (Admittedly, we were “on-time” Argentina-style, you know, about 1 1/2 hours late!)

Anyway, earlier in the day, we were at the park having a lovely picnic with friends and realized that the hour had gotten away from us, so I decided to take the keys and dash home to get Zoe ready while Tom walked Zelda to a play date with her friend Liam.

Pressed for time, Zoe and I sprinted for a taxi, got in, and then realized that while I had the keys, I had no money to pay for the cab (I forgot to get dinero from Tom)! I explained our situation to Zoe in Chinese, and told her we would beg our driver for forgiveness when we got to the apartment and ask him to wait for us downstairs while we got some efectivo (cash money).

How did the driver react? He was lovely…positively gracious, even. Our kind conductor sat downstairs and had a cigarette break while we completed our fire drill cash retrieval operation. During his forced tarriance in Las Cañitas, our hero didn’t even run his meter. Indeed, he insisted on giving me the benefit of the breakage when I first tried to pay him, since he didn’t have change (of course).

In fact, he was so good-natured, he didn’t want to accept the tip that I tried to give him for his troubles…I was ready to throw down and reach through his window and give him a big noogie, but he finally accepted my overpayment!!

2 Responses to “Another Nice Taxi Story!”

  1. meg

    that is a great story! love that!
    i am amazed to hear…your life sounds as crazy and hectic as ours (the one we are trying to escape!!)
    but, on the other hand, just what our kids need…socialization.
    on another note….we have an 8 year old liam….how fun is that!
    can’t wait to get there!!!

  2. Michele

    Meg! I think with kids, there is no escaping “the hectic.” It is just a regular part of your life, no matter where you are. We feel like we are running around performing a circus clown car bit for most of our day, despite the fact that we’re organized intelligent people. *sigh* So how is the house sale going? Still moving along I hope!!

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