Xalapa: Mexican Restaurant Review

xalapaWe are within walking distance of a bunch of different Mexican restaurants in our new abode, so we thought we would give one a whirl tonight and ended up at Xalapa. We haven’t yet tried Mexican food here in Buenos Aires, so we were pretty excited.

Xalapa opens at 8:30 pm and it starts filling up fast with Porteños. (You know a restaurant is popular if Argentines start flowing in before 10:00 pm.) I would recommend a reservation if you want to dine during prime time. If you show up early, you can get a table without a reservation.

In terms of a review, we would give the restaurant mixed marks. The interior was nice and comfortable and the service was good. Positives for the meal included very enjoyable guacamole, a pretty decent margarita, and the tortillas, though not the real McCoy, were certainly reasonable. On the negative side, our main courses were not well executed. Tom had a chicken with mole that was overcooked and bland. The girls and I shared a plate of different meats cooked in various traditional ways, as well as some refried beans. Unfortunately, everything on the platter was rather tasteless, as if it was prepared without a single spice. (A very picante sauce is available on the side if you ask for it.)

We had a good time, but I don’t know that we would rank it high on our list of places to which we would return for a meal.

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  1. Reed

    Been there once and I really dug it. Great salsa, and they have Negro Modelo. I actually wasn’t that into the guac, but our entrees were really good. The service was the only thing I could complain about, but I’m generally used to that in these parts…

  2. Michele

    Sounds like we had exactly opposite experiences! (My brother also added that his chicken burritos were dry and bland as well, but he liked the hot sauce!)

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