Exfoliation and Ashiness

pinkpoofWashcloths are not very popular here in Argentina, so I had a solid five months of dead skin cells that had accumulated on my body (they have received a generous smearing of soap though) since traveling to South America.

Then, a few days ago, I remembered that I am a girl. I don’t have to accept a lack of exfoliation in my life. There are other ways to shed old skin besides using a washcloth. Primed for action, I marched down to the local Farmacity and immediately began perusing the loofah section. Alas, I was not happy with the selection, so I went with recycled pink plastic poof — pictured here.

To accompany said poof, I am using a Dove product that claims to have 10 times more moisturizers than soap. (I automatically love anything with an order of magnitude in the marketing). My new oily, yet cleansing, soap is combating both my uber dry skin (another problem I have had for months) and ridiculously ashy legs (a condition from which I shouldn’t suffer given that I have the skin tone of an albino).

I am happy to report that I am very pleased with both products! It’s great being a girl.

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  1. Sara King

    Yes! Exfoliation was such a problem down there, especially on the feet, which really bugged. My feet got really dry and callousy with all the walking I was doing. I finally bought a pumice stone, which I thought about leaving with you. But then I though it was was probably very full of dead skin, which is kinda icky.

    For feet, I also recommend a pedicure. If I recall, they are very cheap down there.

  2. Michele

    Funny you should say that…Tom’s feet were a mess after wearing his Chaco’s all summer so I had to file his feet down and I introduced him to the joys of the pumice stone (guys never thing about this stuff) for maintenance.

  3. Sarah Johnson

    No kidding! I am a facecloth lover and I (gosh) forgot to bring even one washcloth to Buenos Aires. I am ready to cut up a larger towel into little squares. Also forgot to bring the peanut butter. Kids are asking for that a lot. Our recent meeting of the Torta Bombon at Delicity has helped their Fluff fix. But peanut butter just doesn’t seem to exist here…


  4. Michele

    You can usually find peanut butter at your local neighborhood Disco. If they don’t have it, then you can always make a trip to the Jumbo and stock up. We have also found the Chinese branded Jif in Barrio Chino, but you have to watch the expiration date there!

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