Hunting for Schools in Baires — Redux

One of the things that I found the most frustrating prior to my move was trying to obtain information on schools while still in the United States. So, here’s a breakdown, with links, on what I know, to help those planning an international move to Buenos Aires with kids:

  • I posted a list of school tips based on our search at the BaExpats forum, which can be found here. I would recommend starting with my observations on the BaExpats forum before diving into the schools.

  • A good place to begin your school search is to go to the International Baccalaureate site for schools in Argentina, which can be found here. Many of the bilingual schools in Buenos Aires are combined primary through secondary programs, and although they don’t all offer IB at the primary level, it is a good indicator of their commitment to academics if the school offers it at the high school level.

  • Schools mentioned to us by friends/family are: (there may be some overlap with the IB schools) Belgrano Day School , Nuevos Rumbos, Belgrano Uno, Colegio Buenos Aires, Felix Bernasconi, Palermo Chico, Escuela del Renacimiento, Uriarte School, Sworn Junior College, St. Patrick’s School, St. Brendan’s School, Escuela Septiembre.

  • For a rough idea of tuition and fees, the schools we toured in Belgrano ran about $US 400 to $US 700 per student in initiation fees per year and about $US 300 to $US 500 per month for 10 months in tuition. There is usually a discount for 2nd and 3rd children. The 2nd child discount is 15-25%. I can’t recall the third child discount because, well, I don’t have a third child!

  • Remember, by mid-December, you won’t be able to get in contact with any school as they will be GONE for summer break. Schools recommence activities sometime in mid-February.

DISCLAIMER:I am not personally recommending any of these schools, nor have I checked out every one of these schools. I am merely sharing the information from which I began my search. Good Luck!

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  1. Jorge

    Thanks a lot, very useful info.

  2. Michele

    I live to serve!! *smile*

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