Diabla with Broken Glasses

Big surprise, Zelda broke her glasses about a week ago. (She went to bed with them on…’nuff said.)

Anyhow, Tom and I would carry them around with us, ready to dash into an eye glass store whenever we happened upon one. A few days ago, we spotted a store, did the dash, but the very nice gentleman wasn’t really able to fix them. *double sigh*

Then, on Halloween, with blonde Zelda dressed up as a devil (wearing a red covering over her head with black horns sprouting out), we moseyed into the eyeglass store near her school. Needless to say, the American family walking in with their daughter dressed as a devil really caused an uproar. After several devil jokes, they took her glasses into the back for a technician to fix.

By the time we left, we had a pair of beautifully repaired glasses (free of charge), and a host of technicians and sales people gathered together waving a fond farewell to us as we strode out the door.

Buenos Aires is one of the friendliest big cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting!

2 Responses to “Diabla with Broken Glasses”

  1. Eric Garland

    No pics of costumes?

  2. Michele

    Let’s see…

    Zoe didn’t put hers on until she got to her overnight party in Pilar, where she ripped it out in the crotch trick or treating, so we never saw it. And, Zelda, she put it on at school, so we saw her at pick up, but the second we got home, we had to cut her out of it (tight knots) immediately because she had to go the bathroom really badly!

    The glamorous life of a parent.

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