Apartment Agency–How It Works

This is dedicated to those of you contemplating a move to Argentina, or those of you who want a reason to appreciate Craigslist rental listings in the United States.

Here in Buenos Aires, if you don’t have a great personal network and a native command of the language, you will have to use an agent to gain access to rental apartments. If you want to secure a furnished apartment (temporary rental), then the need for an agent increases.

When you call an agent, they will pretty much show you only their listings. So, you need to contact as many different agents within your market area as you can. If you want a long-term rental, walk the neighborhood you are interested in and write down sign names and numbers for buildings you like and then contact those agents. If you want a temporary rental, search for furnished apartments online and email them with your interest.

Here comes the confusing part…rental listings often are not exclusive. That means that the agent you contact will not know the status of the apartment until they talk to the owner…it could be rented by someone else for all they know.

And, the final kicker, the renter pays commission.

(Note, all the agents we have talked to and worked with as we search for a temporary apartment have been wonderful.)

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