Impressions–Day One

The juxtaposition of experience after a long flight is always overwhelming. When I think back on today, many memories float across my consciousness:

  • The Southerners at the Hot-lanta airport declaring, “Aahm goin’ to Argentina to hunt duuhhvs.”

  • The Argentina city bus pulling away with the girls still hanging on in the open doorway while Tom and I stand, alarmed, behind them on the street.

  • Not being able to sleep on the plane.

  • Passing out in a bed with the roar of Buenos Aires as background noise.

  • The deserted Portland Airport–we were there at both 7:00 am and 11:00 am and it was a ghost town–zero wait in security.

  • A humongous city teeming with people where you can get gelato at midnight with your kids and no one bats an eye!

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