Long Flights Are Like Being Pregnant

You start off very excited and optimistic…you are going to a far away land on a new adventure, just like how you feel when you are going to have a baby.

You obsess over every detail when you get on the plane, just like you do at the beginning of a pregnancy (you know, the baby is the size of a pea, a garbanzo bean, a kidney bean, etc.). On the plane, you check out your video display, how many rows to the exits, you situate your blankets and sleep masks (the girls especially), and you read the airline magazine to figure out food, movies, etc.

Then you hit the middle of the trip, which is much like the middle of a pregnancy…it seems to last forever. During both, you get uncomfortable, your feet swell, you can’t sleep, and food doesn’t sit quite right.

At the end, although you might be a bit nervous, you don’t care and just want the whole thing to be over. You are tired, crabby, and don’t want to deal with any of the associated paperwork (immigration and/or getting your baby’s social security number).

We are here…we have been birthed from the plane to Buenos Aires. More later!

2 Responses to “Long Flights Are Like Being Pregnant”

  1. melissa s.

    …and they both make me puke…and too bad they don’t have epidurals on plane trips…(really, i could go on and on with this one!)

  2. Michele

    OMG, you have hit the nail on the head. An epidural is perfect!! Really, any massively powerful drug would be nice.

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