Ian Reeves Is a Star

Tom and I have decided that whenever we want to spend a protracted amount of time in a foreign country, we should send Ian as our advance man.

My brother has made our arrival in Argentina a breeze. He greeted us at the airport, whisked us into a gigantic van, well, really a shuttle bus, that could accommodate the five of us and all of our bags!! (They are very strict on the 4 people per taxi rule in Buenos Aires, something that Ian says is new, so we couldn’t do the minivan.)

Ian then took the girls on a bus/subway/playground adventure while Tom and I unpacked. Afterward, we had a city bus sojourn, courtesy of Ian, to a yummy steak restaurant (of course) where Tom, literally, just had a giant steak for dinner. Not even a token nod to the vegetables.

Which leads us to the obvious conclusion that no one should move overseas without an Ian.

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  1. Sara King

    Michele, what’s the name of the great steak restaurant? I had steak’n wine the first two nights in town. Look forward to getting together when your settled.

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