Peanut M&Ms and Vietnamese Food

Zoe had her peanut allergy food challenge today. (This is the last test, where they feed you peanuts and see if you have a horrible allergic reaction, to determine if you still have the food allergy in question.)

The doctor began by dipping a peanut in water and having Zoe drink the water.

Slowly, over the course of four hours, she worked up to a half a cup of peanuts. She was fine, loved the taste, and had nary a reaction.

Actually, “fine” is probably an understatement. She was deliriously happy. She came home and ate some Peanut M&Ms and then wanted to eat at an Asian restaurant for dinner (which we previously had to avoid because of their ubiquitous use of nuts).

She was so excited, she asked Tom and I to be her “nut buddies!” We hope Zelda grows out of her nut allergies as well.

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