Return to Righteousness

The Setup: Sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room of my parents’ loft surrounded by a ring of stuff we think we want to take to Argentina.

The Challenge: Getting all of that crap into 8 checked bags. (It sounds like a lot of bags, but with a family of four…not so much. It does occur to me that we will look ridiculous at the airport with a zillion bags.)

The Bonus Round: We had weird stuff to pack besides clothes, including, but not limited to, the Lego Mindstorm robots, two large All Clad pans with lids (stock pot and large frying pan), the home pedicure kit from the Body Shop, a box with our speakers, a lot of tampons (they don’t have much brand variety, or in some cases availability in Argentina), and some large reference cookbooks.

The Winner: The Offermann/Reeves!!! Mmmmm Hmmmmm. That’s right. As of last night, we fit everything we had set out to pack in just 6 1/2 bags, and there is some extra room in 2 of those bags. “I feel like we’re not taking enough stuff now,” offered Tom.

We do have a wee bit o’ reshuffling to do, since two of our bags are a smidgen overweight (they have to be 50 pounds or less), but once I do that, I will have 6 bags, fully packed, easily under 50 pounds. Yes, that means that we will have some extra room to take Ian a few of the items that he has been requesting we bring him. I suppose that I can always hope that he doesn’t read this post…

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