The Real Moving Checklist

Step 1: Move out of apartment.  Check.

Step 2: Clean apartment.  Check.

Step 3: Lock myself out of the apartment on the last night cleaning while Tom is unloading stuff at our storage space. Make sure that I am only wearing socks, no shoes, and that I don’t have a cell phone on me.  Check.

Step 4: Get really dry hands. (You know, the kind where the skin on your fingertips starts peeling up in tiny increments, catching on fabric all of the time.  The kind where it feels like you have a thousand tiny cuts on your hands when you use lotion.)  Check.

Step 5: Become so exhausted that you can’t remember where you are driving pretty much every time you get in the car. Check.

Step 6: Buy more luggage. Slated for Today.

Step 7: Sort through the huge pile of crap that is sitting in my parents’ loft to determine the final packing list of items that we will take. It has got to fit in 8 bags (that’s two per person, unless Delta changes their free baggage policy on international flights in the next few days.) Slated for Today and Tomorrow.

Step 8: Try to eat something fresh and green that does not have sugar. May Not Happen!

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