Rapidly Retreating Righteousness

I’m afraid that my period of “we can fit everything in a 10X15 storage space” righteousness may be over.

Tom and I were coming down to the wire today and we knuckled. We couldn’t handle the truth…or at least, the stress that it might not all fit. So, we reserved a small storage space directly across from our current 10X15 unit, just in case.

Current thinking, (at 1:12 a.m. on Monday night/morning) is that we will use the add-on storage to just get it all out of the condo without worrying about stuffing it all in the 10X15. Then, at his leisure (in the next 9 days), Tom will see if he can artfully stuff the 10X15. If it all fits, we’ll just pay a minimal fee for the add-on space and ditch it.

Never a dull moment.

By the way, we are deliriously happy that we scheduled this nine day break between when we move out of the condo and when we actually leave for Argentina. As Tom said, if we were flying out in a day or two, these would be dark times indeed.

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