Leaving Las Vegas

Departure checklist from Sin City:

  • Room service breakfast. Check.

  • Cab. Check.

  • Go to Siena Deli and buy fabulous Italian sandwich to eat on the plane. Check. (This is an old-school Italian deli, grocery, and restaurant which has been a hub for the Vegas Italian-American community for years. This restaurant is the real deal with homemade bread and rolls enveloping imported meats resulting in a sandwich the likes of which you generally can’t find on the West Coast.)

  • Hear horrible bankruptcy story from cab driver. Check. (He made six figures a year as a bellman at the MGM Grand, bought a big house, got laid off last year, can’t make house payments, can’t find a job, drives a taxi and effectively makes less than minimum wage since there are few fares and lots of cabs…tough. We bought him a Siena sandwich and gave him a big tip.)

  • Make it to the airport really early. Check. (The joys of traveling with Tom!)

  • Eat yummy Siena sandwiches on the plane and generate extreme envy amongst our fellow lunchless passengers. Check.

  • Land safely in Portland, where it is still nearly as hot as Las Vegas. Check.

2 Responses to “Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. Pete

    Well, you wanted to come home to warmer weather. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  2. Michele

    As long as there is air conditioning, we’re good!

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