Brokeback Reeves, 14 Day Update


Damn, I still can’t tie my shoes! I feel totally ridiculous having Tom lace up my tennies for me, but what can I do?

On the other hand, I am able to successfully make my way through the rest — dressing, showering, and misc. personal hygiene. More good news: I can lean forward with my torso much more substantially, which means I can reach things lower down, though I avoid trying to pick up things off of the floor…still a bit too far. Light giggling is now tolerated by the old respiratory system, but outright guffawing is out. I can obtain a near full range of motion overhead with my right arm (fractured side). I can sleep on my stomach with my head either way. Raising and lowering my body, sitting or standing, is getting easier and smoother every day.

Still unfortunate: I am really noticing a lot of rib pain under my right breast — in some sleeping positions, my ribs hurt more than my fractured vertebrae! Sneezing and coughing, especially if unexpected, immediately put me in a panting house-of-pain world-of-hurt that I can only compare to the worst of natural childbirth in terms of scale. And I used to like sneezing… .

All in all though, it is remarkable how far I have come in two weeks. The change is so dramatic, it makes me question how bad the first 3 or 4 days really were. (Whenever I do that, Tom chimes in and assures me they were as horrible as I remember!)

Cross your fingers that I will be suitably recovered for my zillion hours of traveling back to Portland in two weeks. It’s a race!

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2 Responses to “Brokeback Reeves, 14 Day Update”

  1. melissa s.

    i have a feeling you’ll be back to cross-fitting and sneezing-for-pleasure in no time!

  2. Michele

    Let’s hope you are right! I miss sneezing. Re: crossfit, it’s not that I miss it exactly, but my body does miss being in shape. *sigh* The older you get the quicker it goes.

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