Two Girls on Women Winning

As I’ve mentioned before, the Zs have been working on media training as a part of home school. One of their tasks is to improve their delivery of this inspirational short poem that summarizes Cammi Granato’s ice hockey career and the empowerment women engender from sports. (It’s from an old Nike advertisement, which I posted the words to previously.)

They were just so damn cute selling this bit of girl power verbiage, I had to stitch together a montage of their work! Watch it below.

2 Responses to “Two Girls on Women Winning”

  1. meg

    oooh rah for girl power! the girls were inspirational.
    you are doing a great job!
    we have relocated to our “staging location” in maine.

    we depart on 9/10….
    are you still headed home (stateside)?
    glad to hear you were Up and Around!

  2. Michele

    Meg! Nothing like a little dose of girl power to perk up the mood. You get here on September 10th? Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. We are still heading back to the States for our sabbatical vacation (I love writing that). We leave in a couple of weeks and will be gone for about 4 weeks. I’ve got to get a presentation together — what was so far off now seems not nearly as far away as it should. *sigh* Glad you’re holed up in Maine…enjoy the summer!!

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