Swine Flu Notices for Kids


Zoe and Zelda have been telling me for a while that fear of swine flu is the reason that their school has not been visiting the soccer and hockey fields for sport days this winter.

At first, I didn’t believe the girls. I mean, hasn’t it been proven that going outside in winter doesn’t make children sick? And hasn’t it been proven that keeping tons of snotty-nosed kids cooped up together does make them sick? I thought perhaps it was a language misunderstanding…but now I’m suspecting the Zs may be right!

Yesterday, they brought home a sticker, pictured above, that is supposed to inform them about how to prevent the spread of swine flu. The notice advises young people to use a disposable tissue over their nose and mouth whenever they sneeze or cough.

As an experiment, I asked the Zs to translate the sticker for me. They took one look at the picture and said, a little unsure, “when you cough, cover your mouth with your elbow?”

Advertising 101: pictures should match the message!

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