Brokeback Reeves, 5 Day Update


Below are some musings, observations, and concerns that I have had since fracturing two vertebrae five days ago.

Concern. I spend a lot of time laying on my back. Since I am not able to lift my head significantly, I have a deep and abiding worry that I will rub a bald spot on the rear of my scalp, such as a baby does!

Observation. I started my period the day after my spinal break…what more can you say but, “of course you did.”

Musing. Just like with my knee surgery last year, it is odd to have an injury which isolates you so much from others just when you need to be touched. There is now nothing I like better that to have Tom lightly press his hand on the skin of my back, especially where the break occurred. (It gives him the willies, but it feels fabulous!) I miss having the kids in my lap, freely hugging them, snuggling in bed with Tom…blah blah blah.

Observation. My ass is still bruised from that damned backboard!

Musing. I believe that this injury has reactivated my junior high craziness. During those years, I was often sent into the hall from class to recover myself after laughing fits of hilarity that occurred for no reason except the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be guffawing. Currently, laughing is probably the second most painful event that happens to me, behind coughing, but I still get these entirely inappropriate urges to giggle just because I’m not supposed to — and this perverseness is absolutely killing me. I get to the point where I’m frozen in pain, unable to breathe, and I have to banish Tom from the room because our desire to laugh feeds off each other…

Concern. I think that I may have some bruised ribs as well. Now that my back isn’t quite so painful, I am realizing that I feel real twinges in my ribcage during respiratory events, like, you know, breathing deeply!

Anyhow, below you will find some of the milestones that I reached today:

  • I laid down in, and got up from, a prone position without Tom’s assistance today. (“All by self!” as the Zs used to say.) Really, it was rather weird, since I couldn’t even contemplate getting out of bed yesterday.
  • This morning, I was able to lay in bed on both my left and ride side, albeit briefly!
  • Used the bathroom all by myself. (I know, TMI.)
  • Am rising and sitting down in a more true squat fashion instead of an exaggerated plié with my back rigidly straight. Yes, that’s right, I’ve got a little forward degree of freedom with my torso that wasn’t there yesterday.
  • Baked some home-made biscuits from scratch. (With a little help from my hubby…okay, a lot of assistance, and I was exhausted afterward, but still!)

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4 Responses to “Brokeback Reeves, 5 Day Update”

  1. melissa s.

    oh NO michele!! I’m sure a broken back was not on your itinerary. I hope you’re resting well and feel better soon. Be sure to stay away from quiet church services, as they are known to induce raging fits of gigglefests (or is that just me?)

  2. Michele

    Mel! Yes, staying away from church services is a good idea…I remember many a giggly attendance with friends. The need to laugh is really building. Now, the kids say, when I’m writhing in giggle pain, “but Mommy, that wasn’t even funny.” Apparently, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

  3. Sara King

    Congrats on the bathroom thing. It’s a big deal!

  4. Michele

    *laugh* Yah, it really is!

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