Mysterious Mercado Central


It was fruit and vegetable Friday yesterday, as you can see pictured here. (What is not shown in this mother lode of produce is the full-size paper bag of potatoes and the garbage bag filled with lettuce that now resides in our fridge.) Where did it all come from? Strangely enough, we’re not really sure.

Karen and Pablo are the parents of one of Zoe’s classmates. They cook three meals a day for their three kids (they set a high bar), and therefore go through a ton of food. Someone suggested to them that they were spending way too much money at the local verdulería, and recommended they try a place that I believe is called Mercado Central that is located somewhere on the way to the airport. It’s all very vague… .

Anyhow, Karen and Pablo attend the market on Fridays (which seems to be the best day to go) a couple of times a month and literally load their car to the gills with meat, produce, eggs…pretty much everything you can imagine from the category of “real food,” also known as the stuff you buy around the perimeter of a grocery store. We, on the other hand, just get a phone call saying, “come get some produce” and over to their house we race!

Happily, we can report that not only is the produce pretty tasty, but the prices are insanely cheap because they buy in such bulk. (Their kitchen often looks as if they plan to open their own fruit and vegetable stand.)

Total price for our haul (don’t forget the items not pictured above): $73 pesos, which is about $20 US. Thank you Karen and Pablo!

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