Tyranesaurus Rex and a Flower


Today, I turned 43, can you believe it? Since I have absolutely nothing profound to say, I thought I would share my birthday gifts from the girls that they worked on after they got home from school.

Zoe made the T. Rex origami head that she taped into a card so it popped up with a piece of candy in its mouth! (She wanted to make me the entire dinosaur out of paper, but it was just too advanced — Tom said the video to make the beast was crazy difficult.) Zelda made me a flower. Her card too had a candy offering (and they didn’t even try to pass off the candy they don’t like).

Rapacious dinosaur and a flower…Zoe and Zelda in a nutshell.

In an attempt to make Tom feel better about the fact that he didn’t make any of my gifts, Zelda noted, in his favor, that he did wrap his purchased presents with care, which she felt had to count for something! (By the way, Tom’s largesse was as thoughtful as usual — he’s so great at the gift thaang.)

All in all, I’m happy to report that the start of my forty-third year was lovely, quiet, and fulfilling.

4 Responses to “Tyranesaurus Rex and a Flower”

  1. Eric Garland

    Happy birthday cousin! I didn’t realize we were both Taurus’s – my bday was a couple of weeks ago on 5/2.

    go bulls!

  2. Michele

    Get out, I knew there was a reason you were so cool! It’s nice to know we have two fabulous Taureans in the family, although I believe in astrological lore I am somewhat conflicted in my bullishness because I am “on the cusp” as it were, the 21st being the sign of the Gemini, which is supposed to damn me to eternal conflict between the signs…okay, I’m not sure, maybe I’m making this all up, but I swear someone told me that once.

  3. DaVe

    Happy birthday!

  4. Michele

    Dave! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

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