Tombs of Tribute


Today we strode through the Recoleta Cemetery and visited the resting place of nearly everyone for whom our neighborhood streets are named: Dorrego, LM Campos, Gorostiaga…it was a photographers dream and a feral cat lovers paradise. (The feline population was a huge draw for the Zs and their pal Emilie, although the maze-like walkways wending through the tombs were popular as well.)

Tom was a bit piqued that we didn’t locate Evita’s burial site (what I like to call results-oriented tourism), but we managed to wander and enjoy regardless! (If you have time, click on the pix to see the beautiful details from the tombs.)




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  1. Dennis

    I’m not a story teller, but I heard an older Porteño telling about giving a tour of Recoleta to some people. His guide-ees of course wanted to see Evita’s site. When he couldn’t find it quickly and wanted to go, he just pointed at an arbitrary one.

    Guide: “That’s it!”
    Guide-ees: “Why does it say XXXX, and not Eva Peron?”
    Guide: “To avoid publicity, like when celebs check into hotels under different names.”
    Guide-ees: “Ooohhhh!!!!”

    They were mightily upset later one when their friends told them otherwise 🙂

    BTW, we were able to find Evita’s little square back in 2003, but I’m not sure how now, other than maybe following a crowd. I know we weren’t in the actual cemetery too long.

  2. Michele

    Tom feels the need to go back and find it, but the three of us really don’t care! Poor guy.

  3. Dennis

    Send him over here for information (can’t vouch for its accuracy or anything else):

    Some metal plates with raised letters aren’t much to see, just one of many in the family site.

    Or try one of these:

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