Look Ma, We’re on TV…

lg_clarinOkay, we’re not really technically on TV, but our video interview for Clarín was posted online, along with an article that was also in the print edition of the paper, all of which served to give us the same feeling as being on the tube!

Our interview was conducted by two Columbia School of Journalism grads named Sandra and Karen (from Mexico and New York, respectively). They are currently working on an internship for Clarín (one of the big papers in Buenos Aires). Originally, they were pursuing the hot rumor around the city of the mass exodus of financial weenies leaving NY and coming to Buenos Aires because it’s so affordable. But, as they began digging…and digging, they could find nary a financial person seeking refuge in the warm bosom of Porteño hospitality.

What the hell does that have to do with us? Well, what our two intrepid scriveners did find were expats that had relocated to Argentina in advance of the crisis (as the financial meltdown is called here), which is where we came in!

Follow the link above to see the interview and read the article in Spanish. (It’s kind of funny with Google Translate!)

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