“Mommy, What’s a Ringmaster?”

guinessworldrecFirst, I’d like to apologize to my parents for my Guinness Book of World Records phase. Good Lord, I must have been so irritating.

On our recent ill-fated trip to the bookstore, we purchased this edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and are already regretting it! We have had to institute a “3-record per day” sharing rule. In other words, Zoe and Zelda are only allowed to show us three items per day from this insidious book.

In the meantime, I have learned that the world’s youngest ringmaster was three years old (at least as of this 2007 edition). We have seen the world’s largest and smallest chess sets. We have had the pleasure of viewing the largest bucket of popcorn, the most accurate corner gun ever made (a gun that literally shoots around a corner), and the largest newspaper edition ever published.

“How do they find the world’s tallest person Mommy?” Sigh. “I don’t know, dear,” I reply.

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