Macho Macho Man

Being a party of five, we have to take two cabs everywhere we go because, in Buenos Aires, the insurance companies will not pay on any accidents if the cab driver has more than four passengers in his/her car. (They will not cheat, we have tried.)

A few days ago, we were catching said cabs outside of our door. The first cab was piloted by a woman who did not know the Las Cañitas area where we were headed. The second cab driver (male) did know the area in question, so we thought it would be fine if the female driver followed our male driver.

Instead, what ensued was machismo in action. The millisecond Tom and I were ensconced in our ego-driven car, the cab driver loudly declared that women taxistas were useless and proceeded to break the land-speed record to our destination. It would not have been possible for Mario Andretti to follow the dolt driving our carro.

Since there was no reeling in this guy, we sighed, pulled out the Guia T, and talked to Ian on his cell with directions so that we could all successfully meet at Persicco, our favorite heladería in Buenos Aires.


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