Lessons Learned by the Zs

  1. Chewing on glacier ice can bust out a loose tooth.
  2. The tooth fairy is intrepid; she can find you even when onboard a boat in the Patagonian fjords.
  3. How to read the airplane safety information card. (Zelda was the airline safety police, making Tom turn off his Kindle during take off and landing.)
  4. Little girls can go to sleep even if they are sharing a big room with four other people.
  5. How to hang out in a cafe for 7 hours. (If we had a particularly long layover in a city, we would inevitably find a cafe with WiFi and really sprawl. Zoe would be at her own table reading. Zelda might recline on a bench seat. Ian and I would set up at a table near an electrical outlet for our computers. Tom would be at the “food” table, where we would munch throughout the day!)
  6. How to recognize oxidization in wine corks (they really keep an eye out for it now).
  7. A ten mile hike is just a bit too long for them.
  8. How to sing “Burn One Down” by Ben Harper. (Thanks a lot, Ian.)

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