Wondrous Weather Wonkiness

On our first trip to El Calafate, Argentina, we arrived in the midst of a torrential downpour. When we asked around about how long the weather might last, we were greeted with a Gallic shrug and a loosely translated, “it depends upon what side of the bed the Chileans have risen.”

When approaching Cape Horn for an attempted landing, there was no mention of the weather forecast, because “you wait five minutes and the weather will change.”

So imagine our surprise when we arrived in El Chaltén and the bus driver, Gonzalo (the owner of the cabin we rented), the park ranger, and various restaurateurs gave us very complete weather forecasts…for the next 3 days, all of which included words like “barometer” and “high pressure.”

And you know what? The forecast was dead on! So it IS possible to predict the weather somewhere in southern Patagonia!

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