Unsolicited Advice for Innkeepers

Tip: Arrange for very docile and friendly pets to lounge about your property if you want to attract and retain families in your establishments.

We spent a lovely 3 days in a Patagonia Villa cabin in Ushuaia, where we rarely saw the girls. They tarried away hours on the balcony with a cat sitting on their lap, purring happily; and they passed countless more hours on the front porch petting a neighborhood Golden Retriever. (By the way, we do think there was a direct correlation between the “loveliness” of our stay and the amount of time that the girls spent outside of the cabin!)

Mind you, at times, the weather was quite cold and windy, yet the girls would sit outside until they were blue-lipped, tending to their animal friends. Zelda said, “Zoe, the cat sat on me while you were downstairs and I think it was the best feeling in the whole world.”

Sheesh, they are really making me feel guilty about not allowing pets. I have relented and promised them a cat when we return to the US to live. Of course, they can’t be happy with that, they are now requesting two cats, one for each of them!

4 Responses to “Unsolicited Advice for Innkeepers”

  1. Chris

    two cats is better – they keep each other company!

  2. Michele

    Now we’ve got you on their side too…I’ll have to make sure they don’t see the comments on the blog — hee hee!! Tom and I are just not thinking about it…buy now, pay later.

  3. Steve H

    remember, cats are a devolved life form………..

  4. Mich

    *laugh* I forgot how much you love cats!! Should I tell Tom where he’ll be in the pecking order when it’s all said and done, or should it be a surprise?

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