Love the Process, Damn the Results

process1Why do all young children’s finger painting efforts end up as black sludge? Because they enjoy the process of creation and don’t give a rat’s ass about the end product.

Traveling with the girls has been interesting because they embrace this philosophy throughout their lives. We view an overnight bus trip as something to be endured until we get to our destination…they view the same trip as a cornucopia of delights to be experienced: lay the seat down, open the blankets, watch the movies, check out other passengers, eat snacks, plug in headphones… .

The Zs love the docks, the bus stations, the cab rides without seat belts, the airports, sitting at the bar on the boat, going through security, donning life jackets, the airplanes…

I know there is a lesson in there somewhere, and when we get settled in Buenos Aires once again, I’ll try to figure out what it is! (Random vistas from the fjords pictured here.)


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