We Are Charles Darwin

darwin1Our big travel splurge: a five day small-boat cruise through the inland waterways of Southern Patagonia, including an attempt at Cape Horn.

Charles Darwin’s youthful trip on the HMS Beagle through these areas are what gave him the building blocks for his theories on evolution, and it has been fascinating to retrace some of his steps. Our first full day on the boat included a visit to an area recently vacated by a glacier (the red field of moss pictured here). We also spent time on an island with penguins, cormorants and skua, the latter are fiercely predatory birds that look something like a brown, overgrown bird-of-prey seagull! All are pictured below. (I’m sure my avian-loving parents believe these bird sightings are totally wasted on me!)

The final picture below is from a small island with elephant seals which we visited, but with our camera, it’s hard to make out the big lug…it is the light brown-looking rock on the beach!



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