Calafate Berry Anyone?

calafateberryMendoza and Bariloche are very popular with expats and Argentines alike, not so El Calafate. We had received less-than-positive feedback about El Calafate before arriving in this southern burg, such as, “You go for a day to see Perito Moreno [the glacier] and then you get out as fast as you can!”

Negative press notwithstanding, we enjoyed our stay here quite a bit. The steppes are beautiful, the vistas and the sky are amazing, and of course the glacier-carved valleys and dramatic snow-capped peaks are breathtaking.

Yes, it is windy as hell, and the weather changes about every 5 minutes, but for me, that is part of the charm.

On a side note, I didn’t realize that El Calafate is named after a thorny, brushy bush that offers edible blueberry-looking fruit that is rather sour and contains a lot of seeds, as pictured above.

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