Motorcycle Helmets on the Elbow

Motorcycle/Scooter helmet law in Baires requires that you have a helmet on your person, but you don’t necessarily have to wear it on your head! I know…weird.

Generally, you see these permutations:

  1. Not having a helmet at all.
  2. Placing the helmet on the motorcycle in between the driver’s legs.
  3. Hanging the helmet on the forearm, or in the crook of the arm, while driving.
  4. Placing the helmet on the crown of the head, so it looks as if would blow off in a stiff breeze.
  5. Seating the helmet completely on the head, but not fastening the strap.
  6. Lastly, wearing the helmet as it was designed.

Ian has a friend who wears his helmet properly, and when Ian asked why, his friend said, “Because it’s more comfortable than wearing it on my arm!”

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  2. Sara King

    This reminds me of the muzzle law in Italy. All dogs must wear muzzles, says the law. So, the dogs wear muzzles, around their necks, not on their snoots!

    Rain has finally hit Portland. I was worried. It is just not Christmas around here without rain, right? Miss you and “hi” to Ian.

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  4. Michele

    The muzzle law, a perfect analogy!

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