New Theory: Tiki Lounge is Haunted

We have now decided that the poltergeist living in the Tiki Lounge (as we refer to our apartment) has been frustrated beyond belief because we weren’t really picking up on his message to get the hell out!

We didn’t understand that the water that sprays us from the bathroom sink, the floor polish that rubs off on our feet so that their bottoms are dark brown, the shower head that streams in an impossible-to-rinse-your-hair flow, the lights that burn out constantly (even with new bulbs), the door to the porch that gets more and more difficult to open, and the couch sectionals that tip over are really attempts to dislodge us from the apartment.

How did we finally get the message? That frigging ghost has started messing with our Internet connection.

Mmmm, hmmmm, that’s right. Our perfectly good WIFI connection doesn’t want to be found, blinks in and out randomly, and generally thwarts our attempts to do things like pay bills online, or waste time on mindless YouTube videos!

Interfering with our Internet connection, now that’s war…everything else, we can put up with!

And, we even know what the bastard looks like! The gentleman pictured above (in a painting that hangs in our entry way and is the first thing we see when we enter the door) must be our phantasmic friend.

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  1. Barbara

    The light bulbs that appear to be burned out are probably fine. Next time instead of tossing them out when you replace them, take them to an electrician shop and ask to have them checked. I bet they’re okay.

    There’s something funky about electricity here. There are two light bulbs in my house (those high-intensity, expensive little bulbs) that cut off periodically. They might be off for a while, then suddenly they will switch back on. I don’t really have a clue why it happens (something gets overheated?), but I have learned to accept it (the best approach for trying to live here!).

    Here’s a fun little thing you could try: buy a voltmeter (not very expensive, get one at any decent hardware shop) and see if the electricity in your apartment is grounded. Betcha it’s not!

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