Mini Garage Doors for Windows

Okay, perhaps these are not the most attractive exterior adornments for windows, but they work really well!

Click on the pictures below for a better look at the shutter systems that you find on nearly every apartment building in Baires and that I call “garage doors for windows.” The shutters are usually white or wood colored, as shown in these photos.

On the inside of every window there is a manual or electric control that allows you to manipulate the shade (garage door) to any position you wish. You can close the shutters down completely, with no gaps between, resulting in a very dark room. You also can lower them all of the way, but leave gaps between each horizontal slat in the shutter, which gives you privacy and light at the same time. They insulate the apartment from the heat when lowered completely, an important feature since many of these buildings have single-paned windows.

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  1. Eric Garland

    They have the same thing in Turkey! I was fascinated by how widespread they are there.

    Oh, and I’m totally hooked on these blogs by the way. I’m glad you blog more than Ian, holy moly, I feel like a thirsty man in the desert with his blogs, always so glad to read them but they come so sporadically these days it’s always very exciting when they do come.

    So in the mean time I can get my family/Reeves blog fix more regularly now.


    Glad to hear things are going (relatively) smoothly down there. Say hi to Zoe, Zelda and Tom for me!


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