Things Are Going All to Hell

Wow, we’ve had quite a run of luck here lately!!

1) Huge Leak. We turned the air conditioner on in our room two nights ago, and it leaked all night long with a steady fast drip down the wall. We awoke to a huge puddle on the floor! *Sigh*

2) Door Knob Broke Off. Last night, Ian dashed out to make the late-night gelato run and the door knob on the apartment literally came off in his hand. It is a very old door, and the area the knob was screwed into has been so abused over the years, there isn’t really anything left for the screws to bite. Double *sigh*.

(No one has come yet to fix either problem–but that is to be expected.)

3. Ants. We have an ant infestation (on the positive side, they are the cutest little ants I have ever seen). Today, we got home from running errands and it looked like we had an ant party in the kitchen. So far, the apartment managers have left us a can of Raid to deal with it–something I love spraying around my kitchen!! I would give my kingdom for some of those ant traps they have in the US.

4. No Ballots. Tom and I are having a hell of a time getting our ballots. (It’s a long story.) Suffice to say, I am currently sitting by my open window on the 5th floor of my apartment building, leaping up at the sound of any vehicle outside of my place to see if it is the Fed Ex truck. (I have low expectations since this is the same driver who said I wasn’t here an hour ago…)

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  1. Cynthia Chase

    Hi Michele: Thought I’d check your new life out and was amused to see you post on repairs (as a commercial agent surely you dealt with all that as much as we residential agents?). Sounds as though you are settling in although the veggie thing would drive my family nuts – especially as neither my husband or son eat meat or poultry. Argentina would not work for them, I guess except for the one restaurant. I on the other hand, love beef! I’ll check back again sometime.

  2. Michele

    Cythina, great to hear from you!!! Yes, your husband and son would not make it here. It’s hard to leave PNW produce as it is…but if you don’t like beef, well, ’nuff said.

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