It’s Getting Hard for the Girls

Moving limbo is finally getting to the girls.

The house is nearly empty and the only thing they can do is watch TV. Tom and I have no time for them and are constantly crabby. They have two days of school left.

IT IS REAL. Poor things. We had a long talk tonight about how tough it is to move, and to live “in-between,” as we are now. But I promised it would get better, and indeed, told them it would provide good fodder for future family stories. “Remember when we ran off to Argentina…”

“What do you mean?” Zoe asked me. I gave her lots of examples of crappy times in the Reeves family that have become classic family stories. (Dumping canoes, camping on rocks, driving the wrong way down a one-way street after Mom’s thyroid surgery.) She seemed to take some comfort in that!

Zelda, the child who loves drama of any sort, can’t wait to talk more about being in limbo, and suggested we all discuss it on the way to school tomorrow morning because we would all be together in the car!

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