Computer Graveyard

I sometimes feel that the basement (or the equivalent space wherever we are living) is where computers go to die–ALL computers.

There are many benefits to marrying your own system administrator: you never have to network your own computers again, you don’t have to figure out cascading style sheets, you will have responsible back up procedures in place, and you will never be forced to remove Dr. Pepper from your diet.

But, even with all of the good, some rain must fall. The rain, in this case, comes in the form of computer equipment (towers, screens, routers, Cat 5 cable, crimpers, wireless access points, etc.) stashed everywhere.

Tom has spent the last few days reviewing the graveyard and wiping drives and is now taking a long-needed trip to Free Geek to clear out the dead bodies!


2 Responses to “Computer Graveyard”

  1. melissa s.

    having your own network admin is also useful for removing said dr pepper from your keyboard (or umm, tea, in my case).

  2. Mich

    Tom would probably just yell at me and throw it out!

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