Special Lunch

For some reason, I like to commit myself to plans that sound like a good idea without really thinking through all of the ramifications of said plans.

Take “Special Lunch,” for instance.

Tom usually handles school lunch during the week, and he commented one day that he had gotten into a rut, serving the Zs the same food all of the time. Without thinking, I volunteered to make “special lunch” once a week for the girls, noting that I would try new things, all of which they might not like.

The girls were on board. Tom was on board. I was crazy.

Why, when we are in the midst of packing and purging, would I commit myself to an extensive once-a-week lunch experiment? It makes no sense! Still, the girls remain excited by, and love the concept of, special lunch, even though they haven’t actually enjoyed eating all of the actual lunches!

2 Responses to “Special Lunch”

  1. melissa s.

    we do this too. it’s called “yay, daddy’s making lunch. we get mac and cheese!!!!!”

  2. Michele

    Yah, I should do mac and cheese. I usually try and go fancy–the last lunch was a pita sandwich they had to put together with a yogurt/tahini sauce. *Sigh* They didn’t like it. But I keep trying.

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