The Zs are Getting Nervous

Tom was putting the girls to bed the other night and he said to them, “Can you believe that you’re going back to school in a few days and then we’re moving to Argentina a month after that?”

“No Dad, we can’t believe it.” They then admitted to some trepidations about our trip!

At dinner the next night, we talked about what was making them nervous:

  • “I’m afraid we aren’t going to find a place to live,” said Zoe.

  • “Speaking Spanish,” confirmed Zelda.

  • “Going to a new school,” added Zoe.

  • “Everything Mommy, I’m pretty nervous about everything. This is a big move for me you know…I’ve only done a little move and now we’re going to a new city and a new country…and a new continent,” opined Zelda in her usual adult fashion.

I had no idea that finding a place to live was such a concern! We also talked about the fact that many of the things that make them nervous, make Tom and I nervous as well. (I don’t know if that reassured them though!)

It’s all becoming real. They’re being good sports, but it’s definitely starting to freak them out a bit–and us too!

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