Craigslist Highlight Reel

(Please remember, we haven’t sold much, or bought much, for that matter, on Craigslist, so it’s all new to us!)

  • Favorite Response to our Craigslist Ads: “am really in need of a futon. My in-laws are visiting next weekend. Is yours still available?” Nothing is too good for the in-laws, I say!!!
  • Least Thought-Out Payment Strategy: We were all amped up to avoid cashier’s check fraud with car buyers after reading the craigslist scam literature online. Cash only for us! Then it turns out our minivan buyers were elderly and when we started demanding cash and waxing about craigslist scams and cashier’s check fraud…well you get the picture. They were kind of insulted. At the end of the day, Tom felt like a predator as he accompanied our charming elderly buyer into his credit union to get the cash under the suspicious gaze of the teller. *sigh*
  • Best Pitch for a Price Reduction: “PS I also live in Forest Grove and would need to use a lot of gas to get to you.”
  • Best Item to Sell: Futons and their frames sell like hotcakes. Ours practically walked out the door in 3 hours.
  • Favorite Car-Buying Tactic: “Hello I am interested in your 2001 dodge caravan I would like to know what the lowest price is…” Big ticket items seem to get a lot of these inquiries asking for “your lowest price.”

2 Responses to “Craigslist Highlight Reel”

  1. melissa s.

    did you happen to have any “i’ll be there in 10 minutes” noshows? that’s my favorite craigslist peeve.

  2. Michele

    We had one woman swear she wanted the bunk beds and said she could come over any time to look. She was the second person we responded to and we told her to come on over. She then proceeded to say they couldn’t come for two days because her husband was out of town, but she didn’t want to lose the bunk beds. Then she said she could come the next day, and then she called and canceled. They sold to the next person.

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