Stuff is Marching out the Door!

Craigslist fever is starting here in the Reeves-Offermann household.

We sold the girls’ kitchen (and they pocketed the money). We sold the futon in a matter of hours. (The guy practically jogged out of here with it.) We have a fair amount of interest in the girls’ bunk beds. We just posted the minvan late tonight.

We are happy to see stuff moving out of the house.

Now for our car buying tip. This comes courtesy of the awesome car detailer we found who is starting on the PT Cruiser tomorrow so that we can list it on craigslist a bit later this week. During the course of our (long) conversation about car detailing, he told us that we should avoid any new car with cloth seating because the new fabric that the auto industry is using cannot be cleaned and wears horribly. He said to buy leather all of the way because it holds up better.

So there you go!

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