Are You Coming Back to Portland?

We get asked this question a lot. The short answer is that we can’t imagine living anywhere else in the United States than Portland.

But, what we are doing is a bit different than a traditional sabbatical in the sense that we are dismantling our professional existence here in Portland. We are closing up shop and pulling out, starting with a clean slate. That means we will not be returning to a cushy, high-paying job at the end of the year. (See the earlier post stating emphatically that we are crazy.)

I guess that means we really have no firm plans other than leaving for a year and seeing where that takes us. (Boy do we sound flaky when I put it like that.) I suppose that if we are having fun overseas and figure out a way to support ourselves after a year, we might remain overseas for awhile because the kids are the right age for a vagabond expat existence. If we are ready to settle back down in good ol’ USA, then we anticipate returning to Bridge City.

5 Responses to “Are You Coming Back to Portland?”

  1. Lisa Oman

    The Zs couldn’t be luckier.

  2. Michele

    Hopefully they will think that when they are older, for now they think we are pain in the ass parents dragging them to another continent after selling their bunkbed.

  3. Estee

    You’re so cool for doing it that way…leaving the future open to what feels right. Just checking out your website/blog for the first time. It’s great and will check back soon! 🙂

  4. Michele

    Thanks for the note Estee!

  5. Jose Consenco


    I saw you recently hanging around outside of the icecream shop and loved the pantaloons you were wearing.
    One: Where did you purchase them and finally, B: where did you learn to wear them so well?


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