Garage Sales and Condo Living

We sold our house last year and have been renting a condo ever since. I have been happy with the arrangement until now, when it just occurred to me the tremendous downside to having a condo–WE CAN’T HAVE A GARAGE SALE!

I am a relentless organizer. I eliminate clutter and extra crap in my house constantly, and still it seems to accumulate. When I move from a house, I count on: 1) a garage sale to get rid of the good stuff; and, 2) the “free pile” set outside the house to get rid of everything else. Other than hazardous waste, you can successfully hand off all unwanted items in your house between the garage sale and the free pile.

I am trying to imagine our stuffy condo board embracing a free pile outside the building…hmmm, it might be worth doing just to shake everyone up! And of course, for security reasons, they don’t want people tromping through the building for an estate-style sale in the condo. *Sigh*

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