Limb Rejection

Tom and I went on a little R&R excursion without the kids (don’t worry, they are being watched by responsible adults…probably more responsible than we are). While on this trip, I thought a massage might be good for my leg (yah, I know, nice excuse), so I gave it a try.

To say it was successful would be an understatement. It felt almost overwhelming to have my leg integrated with my body in a positive experience.

You see, since I had surgery on my knee last month, the only time my leg is touched is to torture me (read: physical therapy). Other than that, my entire right leg has been relegated to limb non grata. Using it sucks. My kids can’t sit on my lap. I can’t snuggle up to my husband at night (he worries he’s going to roll over and whack it…okay, I worry about that too). I am always on the lookout to fend people off so they don’t accidentally hit my leg when I’m out in public.

I didn’t really realize it until my massage, but I think my leg is feeling ticked off and left out. Bottom line, my leg misses all the good stuff. I suppose I will have to change my physical therapy routine to include more positive feedback for my leg…hmmm maybe more massages.

Tom is going to be very suspicious!

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