Are You Going to Home School?

When people ask Tom and I if we are going to home school the girls while we are away, Tom and I always have to wait for our hearts to resume beating after the moment of sheer terror passes. NO, we are not going to home school. Reasons are below:

  1. School is how you get rid of, I mean socialize, your kids.
  2. They never listen to us, so I can’t imagine them starting once we arbitrarily declared ourselves “teacher.” Anyone with kids can tell you that parents rank down around, oh, I don’t know, armadillos, in terms of the stock our children put in our knowledge. Pretty much any first grader on the playground is given more cred than we are.
  3. The wee ones are supposed to be learning the language (that would be Spanish) while we are there.

4 Responses to “Are You Going to Home School?”

  1. melissa s.

    see? you said never. the universe doesn’t like that 🙂

  2. Michele

    Don’t remind me, then I’ll have to think about all of the other stuff I said “never” about!

  3. Paul

    Good reasons to home school. Believe me, if we could trust the public system here in NC – we would. Nothing like the real deal to learn the language. I studied French for three years but learned more in ten visits to Paris than I ever did in class! Finally, do not sell yourself short – if you had to or needed to home school – you would do it well. I know that my post is late – but just wanted to share an opinion, mine, that’s all! Cheers!

  4. Michele

    Thanks for your feedback Paul. It’s always nice to get positive support!

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