Droid Versus iPhone,
Can this Marriage Be Saved?

Tom didn’t get an iPhone after they first came out because he knew we were going to be making some life changes, so it didn’t make sense to sign up for the two year commitment. Yes, that means my poor husband read about it, pined for it, checked out friends’ phones…it’s a sad tale.

I know with the subtle foreshadowing, you will never guess what Tommy’s first order of business was upon our arrival back in the US. Yes, that’s right, buying an iPhone. He loves it in every way. Me, not so much, especially after I spent the entire Christmas holiday mocking his iPhone because, with the AT&T network, it was entirely useless as a phone. We had to drive at least 15 minutes from my parents’ place to get a signal, and forget about any data.

Prior to our holiday by the sea, I was on the fence…Should I get a Droid and the fabu Verizon network? Should I wait for the Google phone rumored to be coming out in January (which it just did)? Or, should I join my husband as an iPhonophile?

After our ill-fated trip to the coast with zero coverage, i decided the iPhone was out. I told Tom, “at least one of us needs an actual telephone.” So, I went with the Verizon network and bought the Droid, because I didn’t feel like waiting for the Google phone to be available on Verizon. How do we feel about our choices? We are both happy. My turn-by-turn GPS navigation is better and Tom envies my automatically updated gmail. I, in turn, am jealous of Tom’s sync with iTunes and the zillion apps that are useful and well written.

While it’s impossible to completely suppress a superior smirk toward the other if our phone has performed a task better, I think that we are, for the most part, behaving in an incredibly adult manner in light of our little phone-on phone-competition. Except, of course, when the GPS on Tom’s phone keeps locating our apartment on the wrong side of the river…

2 Responses to “Droid Versus iPhone,
Can this Marriage Be Saved?

  1. DaVe

    I just got the iPhone myself after much thought about it vs the Droid vs the new Google phone. What finally did it for me was the new install of AT&T EDGE in Vermont. So far it’s great, but we’ll see what happens when I travel…

  2. Michele

    AT&T rocks in the NE, but it absolutely sucks on the West coast. I was laughing at that advertisement I saw with Luke Wilson pointing out how great the AT&T coverage map is — if you notice they zoom in so that the left side of the country is pretty much out of frame the entire time. How does it feel being back in the States? Are you back for good? Are you getting in some good skiing?

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